com·​mu·​ni·​ty | \ kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē  \

plural - communities


1: a unified body of individuals

A community can be defined in many ways. For us at the Domestic Violence Resource Center, our community is a place where we have a strong sense of fellowship, shared values and common interests. Our community is home to some of the most glorious coastline in the world. The peaceful tranquility of a walk on the beach is a priceless gift. And while our physical community is a splendid place to call home, it is the people who make this corner of the universe so special.

As we all navigate our way through this pandemic –  I reflect on the privilege of working with our neighbors in Washington County, and I am always struck by how cohesively and selflessly we all work together. From a collaborative project among local agencies to address the complex needs of families in transitional housing, to acquiring space in our neighbor’s agency building so we can meet clients where they are at in the community in which they live, we are grateful to our community partners for always saying “how can we help?”


It is with a full heart that we say Thank you! Thank you for pitching in to help those who need you. 


We are here.  If you or someone you know requires our help, we are here.

Be well,

Mary Roda, Executive Director DVRC


Proud Member of the Rhode Island CoalitionAgainst Domestic Violence

DVRC is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization

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