This month we celebrate three remarkable women whose determination and dedication have enabled our agency to grow to the success it is today.
Combined they have over 60 years of advocacy for DVRC.  
Mary Roda,
Executive Director 
May 2000 - Present
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"The most valuable lesson I've learned is that survivors are incredibly brave. They have my utmost respect. To have to turn your world upside down – to change everything that is familiar - because of the need for another person, who allegedly loves you, to control you, is inconceivable."


Naide Aymelek,
September 1999 - Present

"The most valuable lesson in this position I've learned has been never to underestimate how small acts of kindness can have a big impact on a victim’s life."


"Mary is kind, supportive, understanding and willing to help in any way.  She knows when to listen and when to step in and take the lead.  She doesn't mind doing the dirty work and does not ask someone to do something she herself is not willing to do.  Although the work we do is important, she has a true understanding that we must take care of ourselves first before we can help others."

— Lori Ann Hiener

"Naide's openness and calm demeanor allows for clients to find comfort and solace in her

support group." 

— Lori Ann Hiener

Judy Beatrice,
Director of Client Services 
June 1998 - Present
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When asked what her most valuable lesson in this position has been, Judy said, "Recognizing the need for flexibility and patience as victims create their own timetable for change."


"I am in total appreciation of Mary Roda, Naide Aymelek, and Judy Beatrice of the DVRC. Mary, Naide, and Judy helped restore my faith in humanity again. Several years ago, I went to the DVRC in disguise feeling completely demoralized, trapped in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship, with no way out. These three dear women helped me to see there was hope and help for me. Once I started going to group and private meetings with Naide and Judy, I was able to build strength in myself to leave an unhealthy relationship. I was scared at first to speak out, even to my therapist, because he was/is a mental health professional himself.  Judy and Naide helped me to realize that I will never have to live in fear or walk on eggshells ever again if I choose to put myself as a priority and keep reaching out and heal the damage that I felt inside. Naide encouraged me to share my story at the meetings because it might help somebody else to understand that we are all in this together, that DVRC is here for us, and if I can move forward anybody can.  Women supporting women. Years have passed, and my relationship with my kids is much better because they see me for who I am, strong, happy and no longer a victim. 

Thanks to the professionalism and huge hearts of Mary, Judy, and Naide, I am profoundly grateful and forever appreciative."

- Former Client











No nonsense


"Judy is no nonsense.  She asks the tough questions and looks for the truth.  Her knowledge and experience in counseling allows for insight and perspective for staff to provide services and supports to the clients we serve. Clients comment that her perspective and approach to difficult conversations is refreshing and invigorating." 

— Lori Ann Hiener