Helpline Volunteer

"...I cannot tell you how she helped pull me through the most devastating time in my entire life."

We are seeking volunteers who are able to listen, assist with services, provide resources and guide the next steps for those in need.   Is this you?

If you have 4 hours a week and can be part of the team who can make a difference in the lives of people, contact us today.

4 hour shifts, Monday thru Friday 9am-1pm or 1pm -4pm

Note:  A 1-year commitment is requested.



Call or email Carolyn:

401.782.3995 or  for more information! 

"I started volunteering on the help line because I don't want any domestic violence victim to feel stuck and alone in their current situation.  I also don't want any children to have to witness domestic violence or experience it first hand.  As a child, I witnessed domestic violence in my home.  I saw how members of my family internalized the abuse and lacked the resources, support, and voice to leave.  If I am able to help someone take the steps toward freedom from abuse, then there is one less victim and hopefully one less perpetrator."  -EB, Helpline Volunteer


  • Communications/Social Media. 

  • Information Tables at events ie: Health Fairs and Farmer's Markets

  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  A number of awareness events are scheduled that require assistance for set up, breakdown and some additional work at the actual events.  

  • We are also working on a few other awareness events during October, so we'd need you then too!

  • Special Event help like folding programs or mailing invitations, putting together packages.

All of the above asks for volunteers as-needed.  There is no particular regularity to the schedules.  For more information:

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