wild women of Wash.png

May 12 was the original date we planned to celebrate these women

and while we know it will be rescheduled, we didn't want the day to pass

without acknowledging them!  

They are some of the most incredible women in South County for their outstanding contributions to those they support, protect, teach nurture and guide.

How many Wild Women do you know?
We gave you a hint.

Aubrie Blanchette

Kim Coulter

Jordan Hevenor

Laurie Ludovici

Lauren Matarese

Heather Paliotta

Lynne Bryan Phipps

Terry Schimmel

Jen Silbert

Ruth Tureckova

an activist

an equine therapist and school founder

a farmer

an author and non-violence educator

a business consultant

a college professor

a firefighter

a black hawk pilot

an attorney and a former police officer

a chamber executive director